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Like the Aloes, they are members of the subfamily Asphodeloideae and they generally resemble miniature aloes, except in their flowers, which are characteristic in appearance.

Succulents are delightful little plants that boast a variety of fun colors, textures, and shapes.

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Jack grows succulents in Malaysia and in this blog you can find tips on how to take care of them, and occasionally ways to create sweeter homes for your plants.

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If the plants become too crowded in the container, divide and replant them.There are over 60 different succulent families and about 10,000 plant variants that differ in color, texture, and size.

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Fat juicy leaves and translucent flesh are the hallmarks of Haworthia window plant.The following photos will allow you to identify cacti and other succulent plants.

Haworthia fasciata, a succulent known as zebra plant, is one of the best houseplants around.Adding perlite, sand or even adding old broken terra cotta pots to the bottom of the pot is the easiest way to amend regular potting soil to fit the needs of your cactus or succulent.

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Succulents are easy-to-care-for plants that are often mistaken as cacti.Here is a small list, sorted by scientific names, which maybe help You identifying cacti and succulents.With more than 60 families and 300 plants to choose from including cacti, they make for the ideal choice for the beginning gardener.

Haworthia Collection of 5 Plants from JM Bamboo Grow this succulent outdoors year-round in zones 9 to 11, or in containers that may be moved indoors for winter.They are however not frost hardy, which means that for cultivation they need over the winter season either a sunny windowsill or preferably a greenhouse.Attractive and easy to care for, cacti and succulent arrangements have taken root as popular home decor and garden accents.

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Haworthia taxonomy, as indicated by the sheer number of sub-specific varieties, is a complicated and far from settled matter.

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Native to South Africa, Haworthia are a group of 144 listed succulents that actually prefer shade or filtered sun, with a handful of exceptions.Cactus is just one of the most familiar types of succulents.

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If they are brown and rotted, cut away dead roots and repot into drier potting media, or take a cutting and propagate the parent plant.

The Woods Collection are compact and sturdy that originate from the dry, hot plains of the Karoo desert in South Africa.Click on image to view plant details.

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Like all succulents, haworthia need to have the soil dry out all the way to the bottom of the pot before more water is added.Thread in the Cactus and Succulents forum forum by jvdubb: I thought I could break off one of the new babies at the base to start a new plant.

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If you do purchase one, look closely at the label on the of the plant to determine its type and requirements for care.

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Very easy to care for and needing only reasonable light and a watering every once in a while.Succulents are a popular group of indoor houseplants due to their easy care requirements and interesting shapes.

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